One of those days!

I am on edge as I hold my little girl in my arms, for any little wiggle may startle and wake her from her very light sleep.

Today is one of those ‘I can’t put her down or else she will cry’ days. My baby is what they call a sensitive baby (a 24/7 baby). She requires your constant attention, needing to be held and comforted. It’s quite taxing – 11 weeks in and there are still times where I have no idea why she is crying. Is she hungry, tired, hot, cold or does she have a wet nappy? This checklist is what I live by daily.

Why is it that these more challenging times of motherhood is not spoken of? It almost seems taboo to utter the words ‘I don’t know what to do’, say out loud ‘today was a difficult day’ or to admit that you cried with your baby today as you tried to figure out what was wrong.

This is my motherhood. But no matter how difficult it gets, I would not change anything. Because when she wakes up after sleeping in my arms for an hour, she will lock eyes with me and smile – the most genuine and
purest of smiles I will ever receive!


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