Triple summersaults

I am constantly reminded that it is so important to take everything one step at a time, and one day at a time.

After the tiresome day yesterday, Princess Porschie allowed Mama to have a good 7 hour sleep – yes, my little girl slept through the night from 11pm to 6am! I am still in shock that that actually happened. I don’t think any mother can really explain the feeling you get inside when you check your phone in the dark to see what time it is when your baby has woken. It is like your stomach does triple summersaults in response to the complete glee your body feels knowing that you slept for 7 hours straight!

She was a happy little girl when she woke this morning, enjoyed her bath and massage, and guess what? She is sleeping soundly in her cot! (20 minutes and counting 😊).

Once again I am reminded of my countless blessings – all praises due to the Almighty! Finding the joy in all experiences!


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