Snuggle Bunny

Ammaarah’s snuggle bunny has arrived and I am so excited to find out how she reacts to this much loved self soother! I’ve heard so many successful stories of self soothers and I am keen to try it for myself.

Ever since birth, I have struggled to put Ammaarah down for her daytime naps. She sleeps best when she is on the arm. I have tried everything, from waiting until she is completely limp and slowly sliding her off me, to doing a quick and dirty shift from me to the crib (sometimes it’s so quick I almost feel as though I threw her into the crib!). I’ve tried to swaddle and place her into mountains of blankets, or place her between so many pillows that would make anyone feel claustrophobic! But nothing seems to work. Some days I am successful – for only but twenty minutes before she startles awake.

She is approaching the end of her fourth trimester, or commonly known as the first three months of adjusting to this world, and I feel that it is the right time for me to introduce another sort of comfort – other than Mama or Dada! I just hope Princess Porschie is ready for it.

I chose the Jack and Lily Snuggle Bunny as I loved the fact that it has fleece and satin ears. We all know that kids like to snuggle with something fleecy and play with something satin in their hands. I am also happy that snuggle bunny isn’t too big to hold. My strategy is to keep both snuggle bunny and Ammaarah in my arms when I put her to sleep so that she can get used to it. Snuggle bunny is the perfect and comfortable size to be able to do just that with.

The aim is that, hopefully, she will learn to associate it with sleep time. When it’s sleep time or when she startles awake from her sleep, she will see, feel and smell snuggle bunny and then drift off to sleep (i.e. self soother).

It’s so cute to see her with it, as it looks like her little friend. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many little things around our home that she can relate to. Everything probably looks so huge and scary to her!

I had a blankie when I was a little girl, which turned into a little pillow that I slept with (and sniffed at random times – I loved the smell). I had it and slept with it until I got married! I know, highly embarrassing to say out loud! But this blog will hopefully be read by my little girl, and if she takes a liking to her snuggle bunny, I would love for her to know that she was just like her Mama!

Funny how the small things in life excites the living day lights out of me! Once again, my little girl has taught me to find the joy in all experiences.


2 thoughts on “Snuggle Bunny

  1. We got given one of these as a gift for Rushdi when he was born but he didn’t really take to it. But I realised that it takes time for them to become attached to something.

    Then when it started getting colder I got a beanbag sheep for him so that he could snuggle with something warm in the night. And it’s a nice weight so that it feels significant next to him. I gave it to him every night and naptime even when it started warming up again. He’s so attached to it now, he rubs the little ears against his nose while he drifts off.

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    • Ammaarah was the same. I had to keep it with her a few times before she became attached to it. Now she loves it! She also rubs the bunny ears against her face and smells it. When she is tired and the bunny just reaches her grasp, her eyes start rolling already. It’s so cute!


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