A little bit of the old me

I have been yearning to bake for the longest time now! As with all moms, or maybe first time moms, there is absolutely no time to do anything other than look after your little baby. The best place to hold Ammaarah while she sleeps during the day is in front of the TV, watching Food Network. Every recipe inspires me to go straight into the kitchen and make something. I even dream about baking and using my appliances and utensils to make something sweet. Treat Me Sweetlie has been closed for some time now, and I miss it dearly!

I absolutely love to bake. I will admit, I am weird! I will chose the most difficult and complicated of recipes even though I know I will get highly frustrated if it flops. But you see, the risk is worth taking, because nothing feels more satisfying to a wannabe baker than making a success out of that difficult recipe! And the thing I am looking forward to most, is being able to make a success out of a difficult recipe while having a baby.

So today I decided to start with something simple. While Gran played with Ammaarah and kept her occupied, I made a delicious chocolate pavlova. Who knew that separating egg whites from yellows and whipping them with some sugar and cocoa could make me feel so happy? My home currently smells of baked chocolate goodness, enough to make your mouth water!

Now that Princess Porschie is here, I have to do everything in stages, because everything revolves around her (even writing this piece). So after nap time and bath time, Dada played with her while I whipped up some cream, grated some chocolate and dressed that yummy pavlova. I cannot wait to bite into this after Ammaarah has been put down for her night sleep, so that I am able to enjoy a slice of this goodness with a warm cup of tea.

I feel like a little kid the night before her birthday, anxious and counting down the hours until she can open up her gifts. Finally a little bit of of the old me has crept into my new life. Oh how I pray that you wannabe baker is here to stay, as I am super excited to see what Treat Me Sweetlie makes next!


2 thoughts on “A little bit of the old me

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