Those monsters in her car seat!

Why is it that almost all moms I speak to has or had a baby that hates their car seat? And before you continue reading, I have to say upfront that I unfortunately do not have the answer. I am however really keen to know how you make the car drive more pleasant for your little one.


Moments before her lips curve downwards and begin to quiver!

Ammaarah absolutely despises her car seat. She cries (and I mean its a face turn red, voice goes away and no longer breathing type of cry!) from the moment we strap her in the seat to the moment we take her out. She will be the happiest little baby up until we strap her in. It’s almost as though the moment she feels those straps come over her little shoulders, little monsters creep out from all corners of the car seat to scare her. Her lips start to curl downwards as they start to quiver with sadness!
I unfortunately live in an area where places are not accessible via foot, and I unfortunately live in a city where I do not feel safe to use public transport. The car seat is therefore unavoidable and I wish so badly to be able to make it a more pleasurable experience for her.
 I know that, as she grows older, we will be able to distract her with toys or singing songs or with something to eat while being in the car seat. But up until then, it’s absolute torture to have to listen to her cry while driving. And Princess Porschie is a screamer! She once cried for twenty minutes non stop as I drove to my parents place. I had to turn the volume of the radio up so that I would not be distracted!
I must admit, even though it is not recommended, when I am not the driver, I will remove her from the car seat and hold her in my arms or nurse her while Dada drives. I don’t think that makes me a bad mommy, right? Who would want to hear their baby cry when you can avoid it? (Remind me about that little sentence when I update you on her sleep training!) I am however afraid that she will get used to being comforted by me when I am not the driver. It’s a habit that I wish to not start, as the car seat is an absolute must.
Any ideas of how I can help my little girl through this terrible ordeal? Or do I just suck it up and let her cry it out?

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