A sunny day 

It was just a few days ago when I spoke about how I dreamed of sunny days and having a picnic under the trees with my baby wearing her sun hat. Just a few days!

Then today we were blessed with an exceptionally warm day. It may not be many days, but it was one ridiculously amazing sunny day. I was able to spend parts of the day outside with Princess Porschie, while she laid and stared at the trees for what seemed like ages. I was able to swim while hundreds of those babysitting leaves occupied every ounce of my little girl. It was pure bliss! I found the joy in the hottest day this summer and I fulfilled my dream of having a summer day with a baby on my arms.
It was not too long ago when I was saddened by looking out my bedroom window and seeing Zieyaad go for a quick swim, while I was stuck inside nursing a crying baby. It was not too long ago where I craved just one more moment of my old life. I wished for just one more sunny day, just one more day where I could lay in the sun without any responsibilities. It is difficult to feel those emotions and it is difficult to admit that you felt them. So many times I questioned why and how. how could I possibly feel that way? Was this not supposed to be the most happiest time of my life? Questions that remained unanswered, until today.
Today I realized that I needed to yearn for an old sunny day until I was able to experience a new sunny day. So that I may realize how much more precious this new sunny day was and is going to be. So that I may be more appreciative of days like these. So that I could realize that the old sunny days were nothing compared to the new ones. It was by far the best sunny day I have ever experienced, because I was able to share it with her. And better yet, it was the day Ammaarah had her first swim and she absolutely loved it!
Today I was truly and undoubtedly blessed. I have yet again been shown that all praises are due to the Almighty! 

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