My summer day I have been longing for

I have been waiting for the longest time for a very warm day to arrive so that Ammaarah can wear this pretty outfit. And that day is today! It is an absolutely beautiful day, the weatherman says it is going to reach highs of 38 degrees Celsius. Now that is a scorcher! It’s 10am and there isn’t even a breeze to be felt. 

Sure there were days like this before, where it was warm enough for her to wear this. But I just couldn’t get myself to put on something so skimpy when she cried so much because of tummy cramps. I mean, when I have tummy cramps, all I want is to be warm with a hot water bottle keeping my tummy extra warm. Ammaarah has thankfully almost passed her tummy cramp stage, and Mama is getting more and more confident with everything that she does with Princess Porschie.
We have come a long way my baby. I have learnt so much from you over the past three months, one of them being that anything and everything in life takes time. Time time time, it’s all we need to get through anything, yet it is something we are not guaranteed.
Perhaps today is that day where I will get my dreamed of picnic on a sunny day with my little princess dressed in a pretty dress and sun hat. Even if it is in my own back yard, perhaps today is that day where I will make my dream a reality.

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