Mid-night snacks 

Usually I am able to fall asleep while Ammaarah nurses during the night (nursing in bed at night was the best thing I could have ever done for my sleep sanity. If you are a breastfeeding mum, and you haven’t tried this, please do, as it will save you so many hours of sleep!), but tonight I was too hungry to fall asleep! 

This is another part of motherhood I did not know about – the necessity for mid-night snacks. Often enough, the hunger is not so bad and I am able to sleep through it. But tonight was one of those nights where I desperately needed to fill the void in my tummy. So I got out of my warm comfy bed and made a cup of tea and got myself some cake with custard. (I know I know, health freaks please stop screaming at me, it is not a good snack to have in bed. But who has energy at 3:30am to make a sandwich?).
It truly amazes me that so many parts of motherhood remains uncommonly spoken of. Why is that? Motherhood is such a tremendous achievement, and everyone knows that every achievement comes with its hardships. The hardships of motherhood should therefore not be hidden, but rather freely divulged so that new moms and moms-to-be may mentally and physically prepare for it. 
These mid-night snacks don’t come very often. And as I am still on maternity leave from work, I am not yet frustrated by them. However, the time for work is creeping closer and closer and I wonder what will happen when I eventually return to work? A 3:30am snack before your 5am alarm is not definitely ideal! 
Our minds, bodies and souls are quite extraordinary. As I’ve heard, your body adapts and you learn to cope off little sleep. I have no doubt that I will manage, but it will be interesting to find out how you manage through these types of situations. Does your body learn to adapt and sleep through the hunger too?

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