It was in actual fact a date! 

All throughout my pregnancy I kept reminding Zieyaad that there were just 3 things I wanted to eat after the baby was born. I had it all planned out – the first night in hospital would be sushi. The second night in hospital would be the inferno pizza from Col Cacchio (prawns with peri sauce). And the third night at home would be smoked salmon – slivers of it rolled up into little balls, just like that. Unfortunately for me, nothing went according to my plan. I had some complications after birth, which I promise to update you on soon,  so none of those evenings were filled with the food I completely craved for during those 9 months. 

Also, with Ammaarah suffering from some reflux and gas, I stayed away from those types of foods during her fourth trimester. I tried my best to avoid any foods that would possibly affect her little tummy.
But the fourth trimester is over, and I was FINALLY able to indulge in one of my cravings, sushi! So the weekend before last, we went out for a, what we realised after, sushi date. It was 12 months since I last had sushi and I felt like a sushi virgin! It was absolutely deliciously divine. My mouth is watering just thinking about it and looking at the pics we took. Why oh why are you so addictive?
Ammaarah was also soooo well behaved while we were out. She slept peacefully in her pram, allowing mama and dada to enjoy their meal. It felt as though we were on a date again. Being out in a restaurant (even if it was during the day), just the two of us (even if it felt like it was just the two of us), enjoying our meal without any interruptions, stealing a kiss and even sneaking in some dessert. I feel shy just talking about it!
It’s been a while since we have had time for ourselves. During those first few weeks, it felt as though those times would never return. But that weekend before last, Princess Porschie showed me that it was very possible to spend time together, as a family, while still feeling very much in love with each other. Our time together will never be the same again, that is fact. But there is no doubt that the times to come are going to be so much more enjoyable!

my banana split with peanut butter ice cream and salted caramel sauce

his waffle with death by chocolate ice cream and salted caramel sauce

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