The art of expressing

I would like to exclusively breastfeed my baby for at least one year. Let me say that again, I would like to, that’s my plan. But it’s been proven to me over and over again that often things don’t go according to my plans. 

In order to make this successful, it’s going to take a lot of determination and perseverance. My plan is to nurse before and after work, and then to bottle feed with expressed milk during the day. Can you see the problem? Expressed milk. Expressed milk! Aargh, I just managed to establish normal feeding, now I need to feed AND express. How did this time come so quickly?
Expressing is already proving to be quite difficult. I was lucky enough  to be able to get myself an electric breast pump. I’m using the Medala swing, one of the most trusted and reputable brands. So far, it’s been going okay. Yes, only okay. I started two weeks ago (after her fourth trimester), expressing whenever Princess Porschie takes a nap, and expressing after she goes down for a her night sleep. I then began expressing before she has her first feed for the day. But all that hard work and I do not even have one litre of storage yet.
I will then need to express while I am at work. Which I am sure is going to be a struggle on its own. Again, so many unanswered questions. Where will I express? How often should I express? How is the stress of work going to impact on my ability to express at work? There are so many unknowns for a first time mom!
After all my research and speaking to other expressing mums, I know it will only get better with time. It’s exactly like nursing, it takes time for your body to adjust and establish the art of nursing. I therefore need to give my body time to establish the art of expressing. But I cannot  help but feel anxious because there is only 10 days left before I have to begin working again. Can you feel my nerves??!
It feels so much like nursing all over again. I just need to tell myself to breathe, relax, drink lots of water and most importantly have faith. I was able to do it before, so I am able to do it again. I can do this, I can, I can.

5 thoughts on “The art of expressing

  1. Good luck to you! I am in the same situation -nurse before and after work, pump at work- it can be a pain. Try not to stress if you don’t get enough to ebf. We have to give our little Cutie Pants the odd bit of formula as I am a rubbish milk maker. All the best!


    • Thanks so much! It’s so nice to know that we are all in the same situation, or have been, and our babies will turn out just fine, no matter what! The combo of formula and breastmilk never worked well for my little girl before, so I am bit nervous. But I suppose all I have to do is try! xxx

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  2. I have to go back to work in about 2 weeks, my baby will only be 6 weeks 😦 I just started pumping a few days ago and it’s terrible. I get all nervous and barely get 2 oz. this sucks.

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