A precious moment 

I haven’t updated you on our sleep training yet, because we are still in the process of it. It is our fourth week now and we are still going…but I thought I would let you know about my precious little moment this morning, which is a testament to the fact that the sleep training is working.
I have a routine which I follow every morning – wake when my baby has woken (anytime between 8am and 9am), change nappy, nurse, brush teeth, pray and then have breakfast while she plays in her cot. Since a few weeks ago, going to my parents straight after breakfast added to the routine. I will be starting work in a few days and I am trying to get her used to my parents, as that is where she will be when I am not around. 
This morning was an early morning – she woke at 7am! Normally I would wish that she would sleep a little longer, but this morning I was very grateful as I need to prepare myself for the early mornings ahead. So I woke and went about my normal routine. Whilst having breakfast (yummy hot cross buns with butter and cheese and of course my morning cup of coffee), she started moaning. I gave her the dummy and some toys to play with, but she continued to moan. So I asked her for just a few minutes so that I could finish my coffee and then we would get ready to go tata. 
And then she went quiet…
And I when I looked up, my little Ammaarah was sleeping! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I think the sleep training is finally taking effect because she is learning to self soothe! (fist pump!!!!)
It was not too long ago when my little girl was crying from the moment she woke to the moment she nursed. Then crying again until the moment she slept again. When people told me to hang in there, that all I needed was time, I would never have thought it would get easier. But it has and all we both needed was time. Time that we are not guaranteed. Time I was granted and am extremely grateful for! 

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