Birthday spoils 

Yesterday I discovered the true meaning of a birthday. It was my first one as a mama, and for the first time I realised the importance of this day. 

All day yesterday I thought about how special Ammaarah’s birthday will always be to me, and then I realised how special my birthday would always be to my parents. It was this day, 29 years ago, that my life began, it was this day that my parents gave birth to a little princess of their own, and it was this day where my parents were opened to a new love…a new love for me. 

I love and totally adore birthdays! Without fail, I am always made to feel extra special – and yesterday was no different. I was showered with lovely gifts, beautiful wishes and precious prayers. I was made to feel extra special by my wonderful husband, family and friends. I worked in the morning, had a nice afternoon with my colleagues, and spent the evening with my little family. We started with an early supper at a restaurant called Truffle (Princess Porschie spoilt me by being so well-behaved), came home to our bath and bedtime routine, and ended the evening chilling on the couch by the TV while my baby slept peacefully in her cot. (yay for sleep training!!!) It was a wonderfully beautiful day.
But even though yesterday was all about me, I realised that it actually shouldn’t have been. It should actually be a day where I show gratitude towards the Almighty for granting me the life that I currently have. It should actually be a day where I am thankful for all the many sacrifices and efforts my parents made for me. It should actually be a day where I reflect on how blessed I am…how truly and undeservingly blessed I am. It should actually be a day where I am thankful and grateful towards my Creator for making all this possible.
Birthdays will officially never be the same again!  

i love this picture of my family

i could not get her to smile, so she stuck out her tongue instead

the yummiest chilli poppers

happy birthday to me!


pasta for my mains

and the most tender sirloin for his mains

Zieyaad got me all the South African coins from my birth year – he is so sentimental , i love it!

it was a pandora overload! a pram for the birth of Ammaarah, the ‘A’ for her name and the sister charm from my sweetest sister!


there can never be a birthday without flowers and a beautiful vase , one of my favourite gifts

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