Initial take on being a working mama…

My initial take on being a working mama is…highly stressful! I know I will get used to it and it will become easier over time, but initially, there is ALOT to get used to! How do mama’s do it with more than one child?!

I wake at 5:30am. Bathroom. Pray. Get myself ready. Prepare bottles. Wake Ammaarah. Nurse and express at the same time. Change nappy. Store freshly expressed milk. Get Ammaarah ready. Pack car. Get milk/bottles out of fridge. Get Ammaarah in her car seat. Pack the car seat in the car. Then finally drive to my parents place. And by the time I get to them, it’s almost 8am! It may seem like more than 2 hours have passed, but I am actually rushing throughout the entire process. Also, coming fresh out of four months of maternity leave makes this new morning routine even more difficult to master! (Especially since my little girl slept in until 9am on most mornings during my last month of leave.)
Before, it was just me, myself and I. There was all the time in the world to have coffee, choose an outfit, iron what I chose to wear, get dressed, do my make up and even change my outfit if I really felt like it. Now I have to do everything for myself the night before. Thankfully, sleep training is going well for us now (I will be updating you soon as I think we are in full swing now), so at 8:30pm, after she is fast asleep, I have time to prepare myself for the next day.
And even more thankfully, I have a wonderful husband that loves to prepare supper on most evenings, leaving me with time to get everything ready and do a general tidy around the house. After supper (nowadays a late supper), I am utterly exhausted! I have bags under my eyes that I just cannot seem to hide. (Any remedies for dark rings?)
My evenings usually ends with a cup of tea in bed, a hot bean bag behind my back (side effect of the spinal block from my ceasarian – back ache) while listening to the peaceful sounds of her breathing. The rhythmic sounds of her breathing provides me with some sort of tranquility, making each stressful day very much worth it!
And then it is time to sleep before this new routine starts all over again…   

Princess Porschie at 4 months

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