Bath Time 

I thought I’d share my bath time routine and my absolute bath time essentials with you. Since it has become part of our bed time routine, and there is absolutely no way that I will be able to tell you about sleep training in one post, I thought I would split my sleep training post into the main components. The first being bath time…

I start by running her bath and adding a few drops of Justine Tissue Oil Baby Botanicals Baby Oil. I was introduced to this range of products by a friend that I am yet to meet. I am so thankful for this wonderful gift, because this range of products are absolutely amazing.
I then massage her tiny little body with Johnson & Johnson’s unscented baby aqueous cream. I love the smell of the the Justine Tissue Oil products, so I try to make sure that the other products I use are unscented.
This is followed by her bath with Justine Tissue Oil Baby Botanical Body Wash and Shampoo, using Luka’s Bath Lilo by Luka’s Linen. This is a super clever invention – it’s this amazing floating ring which Ammaarah rests on in the bath, allowing me to do an essentially hands free bath. Yes really, hands free! It is definitely one of the best things I bought while preparing for motherhood.
I then do a secondary massage with Alpha Olive Oil. This second massage I find is what makes her sleepy and helps her to wind down. I’ve used the olive oil on her skin since she was born, and I truly believe it has helped to keep rashes at bay.
Lastly I drench her body in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder – drenching only because I absolutely love the smell!
Bath time lasts about twenty minutes and is one of the best parts of my day. It is twenty minutes of my day during which I get to solely spend with Princess Porschie, knowing that she will absolutely love the experience from start to end.
It wasn’t always this easy though. Up until she was 6 weeks old, she hated to bath. She would literally scream until she went blue in the face and the sound could no longer exit her throat. She screamed from the moment we started to the moment we ended. And we tried everything to help her through it – hot water, cold water, singing, doing it fast, doing it slow, and even submerging her while she was wrapped tightly in a blanket! But nothing worked. It was absolutely heartbreaking and seemed like it would never end! But then one day it just switched, like the switch of a button. One day she just stopped crying and absolutely love it. It was truly miraculous, the change that we experienced from one day to the next.
Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t what my brother suggested. He was staying with me while visiting from afar, and he suggested we immerse her ears into the water so that we could remind her of the types of sounds she heard while she was in my womb. We tried it, but it unfortunately didn’t work that day, she continued to cry. But after one more episode of crying, she stopped!  Logically, it makes sense, perhaps we did help her get over the fear of being naked and submerged in water. Hmmm, I really wonder…
Nothing smells better than that of a freshly bathed baby. The smell of baby powder, baby lotion and little lingers of baby wash makes a really good combination, don’t you think?
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nothing beats the smell of a freshly bathed Ammaarah


bath time essentials

2 thoughts on “Bath Time 

  1. I love this post, as I can relate. My daughter Also just past the crying/screaming stage when I bathed her.. That ring is amazing !
    I totally agree there’s nothing better smelling than a freshly bathed baby.


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