10 things about me 

I was recently tagged by a fellow mommy instagrama and asked to share 10 things about myself. It was actually so much fun as I got to learn a few things about my fellow mommy bloggers. 

I jotted down the first ten things that came to mind and here is what I had to say…

1. I am a 29 year old first time mama from Cape Town, South Africa.
2. I have always wanted to start a blog but never really knew what I wanted to blog about, until I became a mama and found my true passion.
3. I am a wannabe baker. I love to bake the most difficult of recipes. The most difficult thing I have ever made was macaroons. Look at my Instagram pics and find the blue ones, those were my best attempt 😊.
4. My dream is to open a sweet shop and make my own candy. So far I have made salted sticky toffee, marshmallows, Turkish delight, peanut butter bars, white chocolate truffles and dark chocolate truffles.
5. My sisters husband passed away on 3 August 2014. He was 29 years old and my nephew was 3months old at the time. It had the biggest impact on my life. Never have I experienced loss in such a manner before. No words can ever describe. But from the biggest loss came the biggest gain, I truly found my Creator. It was a lesson I was meant to be taught, and I am forever thankful to the Almighty for allowing me to experience this.
5. Ever since the passing of my brother in law, I have a huge fear of losing other loved ones. I have to constantly remind myself that everything on this earth belongs to the Almighty and have only but been borrowed to us. I am reminded every day to strengthen my faith and trust in the plan of the Almighty!
6. I have a phobia for dirty feet, I cannot bear to walk bear feet.
7. I work for a large retailer in South Africa and I truly love my day job.
8. My favourite hobby is cross stitching. I am currently working on a piece which is a picture of my husband and I.
9. My sister introduced me to the Johanna Basford Secret Garden coloring book which I am dying to get my hands on! Google it!
10. I am a girly girl and love all girly things – fashion, make up, scarves and beautiful jewelry.
I am sure there were plenty more insightful facts I could have said, but I chose to keep it simple and straight from the heart. I am Radhia by the way, it was really nice to meet you!
PS. I only realise now that there were two point 5’s! I guess that makes it 11 things about me…
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