Handmade Leather Braided Pacifier Clips and Giveaway **closed**

I am so excited to reveal the launch of my Treatmesweetlie Handmade Leather Braided Pacifier Clips! These stylish clips are perfect for boys and girls, and the colour choices make it perfect for any occasion.

I am such a typical girly girl. I love everything and anything that is pretty – flowers, fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, scarves, baking, you name it! So you can imagine how I felt when we found out we were expecting a little girl. I was filled with the pure excitement of the thought of being able play dress up with my own little princess. I remember leaving my gyneacologist’s office and going straight to the shops to purchase my little girls first dress. I just could not resist the itchiness to play dress up!
I currently have to literally stop myself from buying her too many pretty things because she is at that stage where she is outgrowing everything so quickly. I would hate to have to pack an item away after she only wore it once because she had outgrown it. That would seem like such a waste, especially when I live in a country with so much poverty! I therefore try to improvise by mixing and matching the clothes that she does have, and making the outfit unique by adding a different bib and, just recently, adding a different colour pacifier clip.
Pacifier clips – gosh, what a struggle it was. I just cannot find any pretty ones in South Africa, let alone finding a brand that allows for a variety of colour choices. And when I do find pretty ones, they end being so expensive because they are only sold internationally. The exchange rate alone makes it expensive, but the cost rises even more when I have to add courier charges and those horrid import duty taxes. The gap in the South African baby fashion industry is undoubtedly massive!
It was really frustrating finding all these pretty things on the internet that I was not able to easily obtain. And then I came across the leather braided pacifier clip…I instantly fell in love! But of course, it was sold internationally and was too expensive to import. I decided to attempt making it myself and when I finally got it right, the finished product was absolutely pleasing! It was so pleasing that I couldn’t resist sharing it with my fellow mamas!
Each clip is unique as they are handmade made using combinations of genuine leather.  They are the perfect length preventing the pacifier from falling to ground and picking up those horrible germs! (Although we cannot really avoid germs once they start putting everything and anything in their mouths, can we?) They can also be used as a teether or toy clip. (Don’t we all just hate when our little ones lose their teether’s or toys and we constantly have to pick them up or try to find them?) And because they are handmade, the length can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. There are also many different colours to choose from, and what brings me so much joy is that you can custom make them to tailor to your baby’s wardrobe. My current collection of leather has the following colours in a thicker thong – light tan, dark tan and brown, and the following colours in a thinner thong – gold, copper, grey, green, red, pink, purple and orange…the choice is yours, let your imaginations run wild! (Each pacifier clip is however limited to two colours each).
I am so thrilled to be able to make these adorable pacifier clips for you. If you would like to enquire about them or place an order, please contact me on treatmesweetlie@gmail.com.
And finally, what better way to celebrate a launch than by having a GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away  not one, but two leather braided pacifier clips to two lucky subscribers!!! All you have to do is subscribe to follow my blog (if you haven’t done so already) AND comment below your with colour choice. Simple right? I feel like a kid with an unopened box of crayons, I cannot wait to hear about your colour choices! Winners will be announced on Sunday, 3 May 2015. 
**open to SA only, unless you are willing to cover the courier charges**
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16 thoughts on “Handmade Leather Braided Pacifier Clips and Giveaway **closed**

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  2. Hey my love! Hope you’re well 🙂
    Your munchkin is getting so big, she’s gorgeous!
    Light tan with navy and a gold clip please.
    Send my love to the family, hope they doing good.
    Take care hun,


    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Awesome blog..my baby boy is 6 weeks tomorrow..awesome articles that i can relate to, will defnitely try tummy calm🙈
    Very pretty dummy clips..Dark tan and grey please😊

    Liked by 1 person

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    • Thanks so much Candice! The struggle to find pretty ones really frustrated me 🙈🙈 Feel free to contact should you wish to purchase one, or pass my details onto someone you think may be interested. 😘


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