Meeting a new Ammaarah every weekend

This weekend we got to meet a new Princess Porschie. She has become more active, responsive and playful. She is gurgling and talking more, trying to grab things she focuses her attention on and is wanting to be on the move all the time. Her smiles and laughs are becoming endless and she becomes extremely shy when she locks eyes with her Dada or Mama. It’s the cutest and most amazing sight!

This weekend was so much fun. We had breakfast at this awesome place we discovered in the city centre called New York Bagels (the freshest and most amazing bagels I have ever tasted); we had coffee, delicious baked cheesecake and mouth-watering chocolate brownies at the famous Charly’s Bakery; we finally got to do a big grocery shop (I always struggle to find the time to do a proper shop now that we have a baby); we visited her grandma and we even got to do some much appreciated retail therapy with one of my best friends. It was a busy weekend, and it was during this busy time that we met our new little girl.
She has finally started giggling out loud (we have been waiting for this moment for the longest time). It may still be few and far between, but the sound of uncontrollable laughter is like music to my ears! I gave her a teething toy for the first time this weekend and I was amazed at her hand to mouth co-ordination. She grasped her toy with ease and was able to bring it to her mouth without any strain. I was also amazed to discover the intensity of her teething. She was biting the teething toy with fierce, I was even afraid that she was going to hurt herself! And then finally, we introduced her to solid food…and she absolutely loved it! She was opening her mouth as soon as the spoon approached it, it was as if she had been eating from a spoon all her life. I now feel as though she was ready for solids for a long time now, and I feel terrible for waiting so long to introduce it to her.
But this is not the first time we met a new Ammaarah. This weekend reminded me of the time we discovered the Tummy Calm product. PrincessPorschie used to suffer from gas and a little bit of reflux. Her little tummy would constantly be in spasms because of her struggle with farts, causing her to cry all day and everyday during that fourth trimester. We tried everything and anything to help her through it, and when we finally introduced her to Tummy Calm, my little girl became a new person!
We had heard so many good things about this product and were very keen to try it. But when Babygroup delivered it to us, we were a bit skeptical. It’s a homeopathic product containing only natural products, but the colour of the liquid was black. The packaging also stated that the product may stain clothing items which made me afraid to use it! Black? And why on earth would it stain clothing?? I then went online and did some more research and there were so many other parents who, after having had the same reaction, all swore by it and promised that we would not be disappointed.
Based on all the reviews and great feedback, we decided to give it a try. And it was honestly the best thing I could have ever given my little girl. I noticed a change in her almost immediately. It did not instantly take her pain away, but the spasm spells soon started to become shorter and less intense. She soon started to pass her winds with more ease, and she became more settled in general. It was not too long after we started with Tummy Calm that her painful farts became a distant memory. My little girl would smile more, she played for longer periods of time and,more importantly, she slept more peacefully! It was like a new little girl had evolved. If you are struggling with tummy issues with your little one, I would highly recommend this product! Her little tummy has finally settled down and I am extremely grateful to the Almighty for taking her pain away!
Now that I am a working Mama, I have found a new appreciation for weekends. Spending all this time with my little girl allows me truly appreciate the rapidness of her growth. It’s official, I have finally begun to thoroughly enjoy Motherhood and I cannot wait to meet a new little girl next weekend again!  

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Before her first taste of rice cereal

It was as if she had been eating from a spoon all her life. She loved it!

Charly’s Bakery goodness!

Her first time with a teething toy

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