6am ramblings in my head 

Is it Friday again? How is that possible? It feels as though it was just yesterday when I posted about meeting a new Ammaarah over the past weekend (read about that here). And now it is weekend again!? 

The manner in which time is flying passed me is absolutely terrifying. Days are beginning to feel like hours and weeks are beginning to feel like days. Is this a sign of becoming old?
Whomp whomp whomp, the sound of the electric breast pump at 6am…again! I need to do something about increasing my stash in the freezer so that I can skip some expressing sessions. But you can’t Radhia! You will just  end up having to help your body regulate again. Once you start, you just can’t stop! Sigh. Maybe it will be easier to just start formula. Less pressure! No, no, no…my body was designed for this. Princess Porschie will gain so much from my little sacrifice. I can do this! Whomp whomp whomp.
Where is the coffee Zieyaad? My tummy is rumbling this morning. I am hungry this morning. That coffee will ease the craving until I get to work. I wonder what I will have for breakfast this morning. Perhaps a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. Perhaps some cereal. I am very  thankful to have a canteen at work that serves breakfast, one less thing to do in the mornings.
I must not forget to take those pacifier clips to work today. I need to show my work what I am capable of doing. I need to create my business proposal. I need to create sales. Starting up a business is daunting! I don’t know what to do next. Well at least I am taking another step today. (Read about my pacifier clips here)
I can smell the coffee brewing. Hmmm. He makes the best cuppajoe!
6:20…whomp whomp whomp. I need to leave at 6:30. I’m never going to make it! I’m going to be late. Shit! Still 30mls to go! Shit!
Hmmmm, nothing beats the taste of that first sip!
Oh yes, I need to get little tupperware boxes this weekend. We are starting her on veggies, yaaay! Time is really passing us by too quickly. Veggies already? Soon she will be having a full meal with us at the dinner table.
Oh my little baby, I can’t wait to pick you up and hold you and smell you for a little bit before we leave! I’m going to miss you at work today.
10 more mls to go. Why is it so slow this morning? Aaah, it’s probably because she woke up twice last night (as opposed to the usual once). I wonder why? Growth spurt perhaps? Or maybe it is because we started her on solids. I need to google this, she is almost 5 months old, maybe it is a growth spurt.
Oh yes, I must not forget to search for those articles on sleep training I read on the Internet before we started. I must share it with everyone on the next sleep training post.
100mls! Whoop whoop! 6:35!!!!! I’m late……..

Too many things to remember in the mornings….


I love the way she wakes up ready to give me a smile!

Did i really have time for a selfie this morning??


6 thoughts on “6am ramblings in my head 

  1. Saw your pacifier clips and they’re gorgeous. Will definitely pass on your details to all new mommies out there. 🙂 wishing all success in your business venture. I’m finding it’s lots of hard work and dedication.

    PS: Nothing beats the smell of some good coffee. Well except for the first sip 😉

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