An unconventional Mothers’ Day

I always imagined that this day would be filled with many treats. It would start with breakfast in bed (that is the norm for a Mothers Day right?), accompanied by flowers and some sort of gift (another norm?), then going out for lunch with my family (because no cooking is allowed on a Mothers day!) and ending off the day with a visit to the two mommies in our lives so that we may wish them a happy mothers day.

But as always (and as you know, this really is not new to me) nothing went according to how I envisaged the day.

Zieyaad is very sentimental. We celebrate everything – birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, mothers day – we don’t miss anything. We love to spoil each other with gifts on these special days, it has almost become a ritual for us. Zieyaad is also a last-minute planner. The night before any special occasion, he always has an ‘errand to run’ or ‘someone needs help with something’. I mean really, does he not know that I know what he is up to?? (Well I guess he does now!) This time however, it did not go according to his plan. Ammaarah had fallen really ill and he was not able to ‘help someone quickly’ the night before Mothers Day. So I was sleep deprived, I had a sick baby that just wanted to be held close and there was no special treats in store for me on Mothers Day. That was enough to make me feel dull.

To top it off, Zieyaads family decided to have a last minute lunch get together for their mother. Immediate STRESS. I did not have a chance to get a mother’s day gift yet! (Why did I leave it to the last minute!?) I knew exactly what I wanted to get, and, again, the plan was to pop into the mall sometime during the day to get the gift before going to visit her. But the day ofcourse did not go according to the plan and hence no gift. And yes I know, I really shouldn’t feel pressured into buying gifts. But this is a day that my mom-in-law loves, and she loves to feel special, so how could I not take part in that?

So we rushed to get ready (dressed Ammaarah in multiple layers of clothing to keep warm) and dashed off to the mall before we met for lunch. I went straight to the store I wanted to go to and guess what, the gift I wanted was SOLD out! Are you serious? I was close to tears. What now? Flowers! Rushed off to the next store. Can you guess? The ugliest and lonliest bunch of flowers I had ever seen. CRAP. We were already one hour late and the family was waiting to serve lunch. There was just too much pressure! So I gave into my tears and gave up. How did this day turn out to be so pear shaped? (Lack of sleep the night before nursing my sick baby to health had clearly gotten the better of me!)

I cried it out. Felt better. And then resided to the fact that I was not going to have a normal Mothers Day.

And then it hit me.

This day should not be about material things. It should not be about the tangible, but rather about the gift of life. It should about the fact that I was a mother. I was granted the gift of being a woman and I was granted the gift of bearing a child. There was so much to be thankful for, and there was even more to be grateful for.

My day was made when my 6-year-old niece presented me with a card she made for me to celebrate my first Mothers Day. My heart crumbled and exploded with love for her simultaneously! We tend to get so caught up in what society expects from us, yet it is the little people who show us how to be grounded!

an uncoventional mothers day

My morning was filled with lots of cuddles for my sick baby

The sweetest gift I have ever received!

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