A journey to motherhood – 3rd trimester

We were recently featured in the Preggie Diaries section of the Mamas and Papas magazine. It was a three part series, documenting our journey to parenthood/my journey to motherhood.

A journey to motherhood - 3rd trimester

This is what we had to say about our 3rd trimester…

As we approach our 38th week of pregnancy, we are looking forward to the much anticipated arrival of our Princess Porschie. The overwhelming feeling of love for this baby that keeps growing inside me is by far the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. And if I am feeling this way now, I cannot imagine how I will feel after we have finally met her! However, as much as we are excited to meet her, we are just as nervous. So many unanswered questions – what is birth going to be like, would I be able to give natural birth, will she be healthy, will I be healthy after birth, will we be good parents, how will we raise her, what will life be like after she is born? – that are all perfectly normal, as the antenatal classes we attended during this trimester confirmed. Knowing that the other expectant parents felt the same way as we did provided an unexplainable amount of comfort.

The final trimester has been filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions. Purchasing the big items for the baby was very exciting; from test driving prams to choosing a theme for the nursery room. Choosing a name was daunting and challenging, as the responsibility of providing this perfect little girl with a name that will carry her through her life was too much pressure. One of the very first decisions you make for your unborn child that will affect the rest of her life. The surprise vintage themed baby shower that was hosted by my family and friends was amazing. Princess Porschie has already been spoilt with so much love and amazing gifts. The additional weight of the growing baby and belly places uncomfortable pressure on all different places of the body. But knowing that life is approaching makes every feeling worthwhile to endure. All these ups and downs and highs and lows are part of the most incredible journey.

With roughly two weeks remaining, maternity leave has begun. I am grateful that my place of work has been accommodating to my needs as a mother by providing me with more than 4 months of maternity leave- something that is not often provided in South Africa. Being at home, packing the nursery cupboards and setting up the cot has made it so much ‘more real’. Soon we will bring a new life into this world – a true testament that God is great!

Princess Porschie now has over 100 unread emails. Emails will soon evolve from the journey of pregnancy to the journey of life. Pictures of scans of the unborn baby and my growing baby bump will change into pictures of a growing human being. Our life of two will soon become a life of three!

It is hard to believe that pregnancy is coming to an end and that new life is approaching. The experience has been unimaginable and unforgettable – something we wish for all to be blessed with.

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2 thoughts on “A journey to motherhood – 3rd trimester

  1. This is really cool
    And your Princess is super lucky that you have documented the process from the beginning – all I remember wrt pregnancy was that it was long,awkward and depressing.I must have had pre part um as opposed to post partum!

    Liked by 1 person

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