I was reminded of why I chose to blog…

I attended a dhikr (a gathering where short phrases or prayers are recited in remembrance of the Almighty) over the weekend at a friends home where I met a special person. 

I was tummy shh patting (as explained in my previous post) Ammaarah to sleep on the bed when this young lady walked into the room. She had a precious little baby girl on the arm. We immediately started talking and it wasn’t too long after we started chatting that we connected in such a special way. As she said it, it was as though we met our doppelg√§ngers!
We started chatting about our babies, whom are two weeks apart in age, and our experiences thus far with motherhood, and it was insanely crazy once we realised how much we had in common! Both our little girls suffers from gas and a little reflux, both cried and needed to be nursed constantly in those first few weeks, both us mama’s experienced very similiar difficulties with nursing our babies who seemed to just want to feed all the time (even with the top up feeds and why we gave top up feeds and how we felt about top up feeds), both us mama’s experienced very similiar feelings when we became mothers, we both shared the same feelings about our husbands who were so supportive during our difficult adjustment to motherhood, both us mama’s shed many tears for very similiar reasons, both our babies are sensitive and prefer to be with their mama or dada, both us mama’s could not understand why other mama’s did not warn us about how rough the adjustment to motherhood can be! Both both both both, there were just so many both’s.
I left our friends home wishing that we had more time to chat, as it was unexplainably good to chat to someone who totally understood what I meant when I spoke about my motherhood. It’s almost as though, automatically, the past few weeks seems more bearable, knowing that there was someone else out there who experienced it with me. And while I know that are so many other mama’s who are feeling or have felt, and who are experiencing and have experienced, the same things as me, I loved the fact that I met someone who was willing to chat openly about it.
And then I remembered one of my main reasons for wanting to start this blog. I want reach out to other moms and moms-to-be, who too struggled or whom are struggling with certain parts of motherhood. So that I may speak about those things that are not often spoken of. So that I can try to help you wherever I can, even if it is to just chat. Our experiences will never be one and the same, but somehow I, and I am sure you too, find it very comforting knowing that someone else out there is going, or has also been, through it with me.
Everyday I am exposed to so many blessings. It was only through the grace of the Almighty, that by meeting this person, I was allowed to feel more comfortable with my motherhood. Once again, all praises are due to the Almighty!

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