It’s been a long time…

It has indeed! I have not done a post about life and motherhood in a very long time and there is no other excuse other than life has just been busy. 

Life is busy with a toddler. Say what? Yes TODDLER! My little girl has recently turned 1, can you believe it? I am still in awe at how quickly time has gone by. I can no longer say those things, you know something along the lines of “this time last year I was x amount of months pregnant” or “this time last year we were shopping for prams”. Last year has come and gone and I have officially been a mother for 1 full year. (All praises due to the Almighty!).

To be truthfully honest, I am finally beginning to feel like myself again. I know I’ve said this before in one of my older posts, A little bit of the old me, but I really don’t think it was true before. I mean yes, when I gave birth to Ammaarah I also gave birth to a new me, but the old me was always there. My body (and probably more importantly my hormones) merely needed to time to heal and recouperate after pregnancy and birth. I am finally becoming comfortable with myself again, I am finally becoming confident again, I can finally say that I believe in myself again, and actually and more importantly, I am finally happy with myself again. Perhaps I am still suffering with post natal depression, or perhaps this is absolutely normal, but it feels so good to be happy again! And don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I was not happy before, I am now finally happy with myself again! 

So this is just a short little post from me, saying Hi, I am still here and I am looking forward to bringing my blog alive again! 

Oh, and I am working on our new home! Yes, we have grown up and we finally have our own domain. Go ahead and check it out – – it is still very much under construction, but I am not afraid for you to see all the glitches and errors because I am proud to say that I am doing it all on my own. I am trying to stick to the same look and feel, but it is more tricky than I originally thought. (Haha, I still need to figure out how to transport this post over onto the new site – good luck to me!)

I have sooo much more to say, but I think it would probably be better to leave you with some pics of the last couple of months…

PS. Thank you to all of you for your astounding support with my Treatmesweetlie business. Things have been going well and it is all because of all of you! 

All my love… 

Ammaarah is most definitely a water baby !


It’s not a birthday if there is no cake!



Ammaarah at 1 years old


We reached 1000 likes on Facebook!!!


my little hijabi princess

always trying new hijab styles (totally not good at this!)

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